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Child Classes (7-15 years)

Recently there has be a lot of interest for us to start child martial art classes in Bristol. A few years ago we stopped providing child classes due to a lack of training slots at the premise where we were based. Since then we have moved location but until now had not started the child classes again.

Due to the continual rise in interest for child classes from current and new parent students, I am now taking formal registrations. The day and time has yet to be arranged, but if you register your interest below I will ensure to contact everyone with information on any new infant classes.

The minimum age for these classes are strictly 7 years and above, and the maximum age is 15 years. Once a student becomes 16 years old they are encouraged to join the adult classes to continual their progress.

The classes will be held at the Kingswood Foundation in Bristol.

Registration of Interest

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