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The Shorinji Ryu Aiki-Jutsu school is a member of the Aiki Budo Fraternity

How Much Does it Cost?

This is a common question that we get, especially from those that have practiced a martial art before. It seems to be too common for many schools to lay on a lot of extra cost in places you least expect. At times like gradings and insurance, we've heard of costs of over £200!!

Because the Shorinji Ryu school is a not for profit entity, and with the sound backing of the Aiki Budo Fraternity whom also follows the same philosophy, our prices makes the practice of Aiki-Jitsu a very affordable activity, whilst at the same time offering total peace of mind with complete insurance cover, and instructors that are truly passionate to teach.

These are ALL of the costs that you should expect...

Session FeeBristol
£25 per Calendar Month
or £7.50 per Session (2 hrs)
£30.00 per hour for one-to-one sessions
£5.00 per Session (1.5 hrs)
License Registration Fee
(includes your insurance)
£20.00 per Year
(MUST be paid after your 3rd session)
(usually two gradings per year)
£20.00 per Grading
(+£5.00 for your new belt!)
Gi (Uniform)~£25.00 - £40.00 is normal
(can be more or less depending on quality needs)

Where to buy your martial arts gear?

There are numerous places to buy martial arts gear. You will need a medium to heavy weight Blitz Gi (recommended). You can buy these on sites such as ebay or Amazon, but please beware of fakes. Martial arts gear from a legitimate online store might be better option. When buying a Gi also consider buying a Tanto (either red oak training knife or rubber training knives), and a Bokken (wooden training sword). Sometimes there are package deals on websites that include Gi and standard weapons with a carry case, so be sure to look for this.

Other individual and optional costs

Every year we attend a few seminars, which gives you access to other forms of martial arts over a weekend event. These are completely voluntary, although we do encourage our students to taste what other Japanese martial arts have to offer. Commonly these cost around £20-£25 to the event coordinators, for an entire day including meals and drinks, and a small donation to fuel costs if it requires long travel. We expect all our students to attend at least one or two of these seminars each year because of the value they can bring to your training.

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